Curved Light

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Curved Light’s expansive musical world reaches new depths and heights with their first tape for Gentle Reminder, Prismatic / Loomstate. The two sides contrast in sound and method, with Prismatic displaying honed skill and Loomstate bearing the mark of energetic experimentalism. Curved Light creates spaces for pleasure and reflection, astounding with their skill and comforting with their craft. The musician responsible is Peter Tran, a being full of heart and curiosity for stimulating sounds. As one half of the group HD Sunrise, Tran and collaborator Wilson Ward Kemp create peaceful soundtracks for lives waking and dreaming. Curved Light’s first tape, Mineral Wash / Indigo Rinse, used calm and excitement in equal measure. An early burst of harsh noise suggests a dark sculptor in the wings, but is later balanced by spelunking arpeggios and melodic signposts.

Prismatic / Loomstate is a study in the purifying experience of listening. It is electronic music without the feel of machinery or software. Tran rarely uses samples and lets the instruments speak in a very organic way. The sounds are divine, but there is natural, human imperfection. The A side, Prismatic, uses analog synthesizers, guitars, and effect processors to find new land in familiar territory. The metaphorical and literal flip side, Loomstate, explores the complex possibilities of the modular synthesizer.